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Our CLEVER ™ Refillable Toothbrush conveniently stores a supply of toothpaste within its own handle. The patented design enables the users to have comfort and flexibility to take the product wherever they go. Lightweight, easily reach into users' travel kit, handbag or briefcase. Just snap open the toothbrush, fill up the reservoir with users' favorite toothpaste, secure it back together and ready to use.
CLEVER ™ Refillable Toothbrush features: ​


  •  Toothbrush and toothpaste all in one. Refillable toothbrush with a built-in reservoir.
  •  Fill up the reservoir less than 10 seconds. Full reservoir stores a supply of about 20gm toothpaste or gel, enough for up to 30-40 brushings. Length of toothbrush is 174mm . 
  • Visual display window for users' convenience to see the amount of toothpaste has been used and the amount left.
  •  Toothbrush cap keeps toothbrushes clean and sanitary. No need to worry about wet toothbrushes becoming annoying problem to your briefcase/luggage.
  • Dupont ™ top quality bristles. All materials used are FDA approved.
  • Kid's type and adult type both available.




With one hand on the brush head and the other holding the base, firmly snap the unit apart as if breaking a pencil.


When re-filling toothbrush for the second time, intermittently tap the base firmly on palm to reduce the occurrence of airpockets and ensure filling to capacity.


Turn the activation knob in a counter clockwise direction until the plunger is fully retracted.Fit refilling nozzle to toothpaste tube.insert nozzle head into brush base and squeeze in toothpaste until full.



Turn the knob at the base of the handle to activate the flow of toothpaste to the Bristles.